Heavy Swimmers -for Ebony Wilkerson

“…some days we just cannot

we cannot live here

we cannot give our babies

to this world that eats our bones

like centuries of salt.”

-from Heavy Swimmers for Ebony Wilkerson who tried to drive herself and her children into the Atlantic Ocean, saying she was taking them all to a better place.

On the Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines episode of the Laura Flanders Show.


We Slay/We Stay: Revolutionary Mothering as Science Fiction

13581899_10102510401856352_6943246821039640244_oThis past Thursday I was blessed to spend a morning with the brilliant young activists at North Carolina’s Youth Organizing Institute Freedom School.   In the wake of horrifying violence by police against unarmed black people broadcasted on video we write about Revolutionary Mothering, the act of keeping each other alive.

We wrote about the ways that young people keep each other alive as peers and engaging in revolutionary mothering acts of sustenance and love for each other on a daily basis.

Some days being able to keep each other alive feels like Science Fiction.

Some of these poems, which we generated through an activity where the participants listened to stories about who they had been and what they had done they had been in the dreams of people who loved them, expressed the urgency of love in philosophical terms.  Some expressed the urgency of love in zombie apocalypse terms and in direct confrontation of the violence of the moment.   Here are some of the poems (curated into we stay/we slay by yours truly).


We Stay

ocean brings us life

power lives in your bones

markings lead us to freedom

Abuela calls on

the daughters of Oshun

to tell us to breath

sometimes you can feel

not through the phone, but inside

your heart, what is real.

time and space will not

make strangers of us again

i won’t give you up

she is your best friend

wanting to be together

never letting go

dreams and ambitions

goals to make it together

be lit forever

soaring through the sky

our happiness blocks all the hate

our love is a bond*

*bond: spiritual link made by love and can’t broken (definition from the poet)

We Slay

The zombies burst in

Samaiyah and Sajdah are

Ready to kick ass!

The purge has started

Jasper and Courtnei run out

2 hours later they have blood on their hands

Mafia lightning

Striking scars against yellow

The cats deadly glare

Lane just hit the gas.

Panicked, frightened, with much stress.

His friend shot his head.

The most beautiful things can

Be the most deadly

The ocean is very beautiful

And soothing but

It killed Nathalia and Joana

We freeze our zombies

You and me are wolves-always

Oh, Rahssan Rahssan

P.S. If you are looking for a place to write through the complexity of staying/slaying in this moment, check out this Thursday’s online workshop Nobody Mean More to Me Than You.

New York City Launch at Bluestockings


Monday, March 21st


Bluestockings Books (172 Allen Street New York, New York 10002)

Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines is an anthology that centers mothers of color and marginalized mothers’ voices. Marginalized and oppressed mothers are at the center of a world of necessary transformation. Oppressed mothers create a generous space for life in the face of life-threatening limits and activate a powerful vision of the future. Join coeditors Alexis Pauline Gumbs, China Martens, and Mai’a Williams with contributors to discuss this movement-shifting anthology committed to birthing new worlds, full of faith and hope for what we can raise up together.

For more details see:

http://bluestockings.com/event/revolutionary-mothering-love-on-the-front-lines-nyc-book-launch/Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.10.02 AM

We Love You Atlanta!


Last weekend’s Revolutionary Mothering Events in Atlanta were miraculous! Thank you to everyone who came out and to Charis Books and More, SisterSong, SisterLove, Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, Fresh2Health and Dynamic Dou Doula Team for collaborating!!!

Thank you everyone for supporting the tour. We are looking forward to seeing our NYC loved ones at Bluestockings on Monday March 21st. Details here:

and Baltimore folks, don’t forget to get your free or VIP tickets to the reading at Union Baptist Church on March 30th: http://www.alexispauline.com/apgblog/?post_type=dd_events&p=520

We love you!!! See you soon!

Atlanta Launch for Revolutionary Mothering at Charis Books

charisThursday, March 10
at 7:30 PM
Charis Books and More/Charis Circle

1189 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Join us for a celebratory conversation with Alexis Pauline Gumbs, co-editor of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines. Alexis will read selections from the anthology and her own Revolutionary Mother Pauline McKenzie will share about her work as a doula and therapist. Members of the Love Spirit Balm collective who are featured in the book will also be present. Dr. Gumbs will lead us in a community discussion about mothering, parenting, and the revolutionary movements we are all a part of.

Here is the facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/919975721384330/

And there is more info here: http://www.alexispauline.com/apgblog/?post_type=dd_events&p=506

You can support the tour here:  https://www.gofundme.com/revolutionmother

TK:Telling Our Truths to Live

Untitled-17“In telling this, I am bearing witness to mama-love, to days spent behind books and hands wrapped tight on steering wheels while the sun burns down, building worry filled pockets on foreheads cuz you can’t afford to pay the late fee at the childcare and your professor won’t let you leave that class early and the electricity got shut off because your student loans ran our and you got just enough money to afford some gas to get to class today but not enough for heat this month. I am bearing witness to the joy that comes from finally telling our truths…”

-tk karakashian tunchez “Telling Our Truths to Live: A Manifesta” in Revolutionary Mothering Love on the Front Lines

Today we are celebrating the day that Revolutionary Mothering author tk karakashian tunchez gave birth to her brilliant daughter and collaborator and all the mama-love that has happened since! Join us in celebrating and check out this short video that tk made when she came to Durham as part of the New Mythos tour (check out the video to see how I talked her ear off.) We can’t wait to bring the Revolutionary Mothering tour to Texas!

Thank you all for your love and support!   You can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/revolutionmother

First Love is Lifeforce Workshop at MotherHouse Atlanta

MotherHouse from Alexis Pauline Gumbs on Vimeo.


Love is Lifeforce: An All-Ages Coloring Workshop

Saturday March 12, 11:30am-2pm

Motherhouse (home of SisterSong and Sisterlove)

1237 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310

Join Revolutionary Mothering Co-editor Alexis Pauline Gumbs, her revolutionary Mama Pauline McKenzie, Lactation Activist and Mama Faye Harris and Activist Doula Bianca Campbell for a light brunch and some deep activities.

Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines will be available for sale at the event by Charis Books and More!

RSVP on the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1561212207525491/

More info and other events here: http://www.alexispauline.com/apgblog/?post_type=dd_events&p=508

Thank you for supporting the tour!!!

Doing it All: Vikki Law

Vikki_Siuloong_in_darkroom“How to explain war to a three-year-old? The pregnancy and parenting books didn’t prepare me for this.
I took a deep breath. “Well, war is when one country sends people to kill the people in another country.”
She silently chewed her food and I wondered if my explanation had been too blunt.
“The next time there’s a war, we should go out on the streets and march and say, ‘No war,'” she continued.”

-Vikki Law “Doing it All…and then Again With Child” in Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines

We are so proud to have this beautiful piece by Vikki Law on how her anti-war activism and activism in collaboration with mothers in prison has been impacted by her daughter and her experiences of mothering within an activist movement.

Come see Vikki and other Revolutionary Mothering authors at Bluestockings Bookstore at 7pm on March 21st! More info here: http://www.alexispauline.com/apgblog/?post_type=dd_events&p=482

Thanks for supporting the tour!!!! You can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/revolutionmother