None of us are here unless we are mothered. We are mothered by our movements, our families of origin and chosen family configurations and we all still struggle to mother ourselves and each other.   Turning to visionary mothers from the 1970s to today as guideposts, Revolutionary Mothering activates mothering as the answer to the key questions for our species:  (How) will we continue to exist?  How do we imagine a future beyond ourselves?  How do we relate to resources and time in a life-giving, life-renewing way, for real?

      The challenges we face as movements working for racial, economic, reproductive, gender and food justice, anti-violence, anti-imperialist and queer liberation are the same challenges that marginalized mothers face every day.  Oppressed mothers create a generous space for life in the face of life-threatening limits; activate a powerful vision of the future while navigating tangible concerns in the present; move beyond individual narratives of choice towards collective solutions; live for more than ourselves; and remain accountable to a future that we cannot always see.   Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines asks queer, of color, poor, marginalized, excluded, oppressed, criminalized mothers to offer answers to these questions based in their own transformative lived experiences.  This is a place where the voices of insurgent mother-activists are center stage.  Maybe it will help you imagine how our movements would feel if mothering were in the center lighting an intergenerational fire under all of us.  Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines offers the collective insight of mothering activists across generations with lessons that we believe will benefit everyone in our movements.

    Revolutionary Mothering is a movement-shifting anthology that offers tools and inspiration to those of us committed to birthing new worlds, full of faith and hope for what we can raise up together.


*The initial working title of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines was This Bridge Called My Baby in honor of the impending rerelease of the groundbreaking anthology This Bridge Called My Back  (edited in 1982 by Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua) we have shifted the title in order to avoid any confusion.  We thank elder exemplar Cherrie Moraga for her example and for her support of this project.


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