End of Year Review – by China

Hello! I’m spending my last day of 2016 digging through pictures and would like to share some highlights from the last year of Revolutionary Mothering with you. Opening up this blog I saw our call for submissions in 2011 – extended. Two years later, we signed on with PM Press.  Finally in 2016 the book became a reality. Getting out there and meeting others, I’ve seen how true and real and right this project was, in the reflection of our reception, our book has been affirmed and affirming: the gift we wanted to give back to the community it stemmed from. If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned how true, how beautiful, and how hard, very hard, revolutionary mothering is. Many of our moments and movements are isolated. But together in this anthology we have achieved a body of work. Its been a long journey! And we went into our second edition too. Its not over. LOVE TO YOU AND YOURS. May we somehow come together to make a world that will support every child, every adult, every old person, every caregiver, every single person in our community and across communities know peace and justice. happy new years, best wishes, much love xo china

in spring 2016, the book came out. Bluestockings, NYC. Lex, Mai’a, and I were all in the same spot together, for only the second time since we started working on the book. We read with Terri Nilliasca, Cynthia Dewi Oka, Lisa Factora-Borchers, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, and Vikki Law. And went on a show.

Then we went together to the Book Release at home in Baltimore, Maryland. A heart-to-heart discussion in Flourish! (Lex missed that part, attending a birth, which everyone understood) A zine happening in Red Emmas! And the formal book release at Union Baptist Church. I wish I had more photos from this time, but March was a flurry of activity and the woman I was a paid caregiver for was dying, so it was an intense time for me.

I went to the Anarchist Bookfair in SF in April. And I met Vivian Fumiko Chin, Lola Mondragón, and author Anita Wills. And I worked with Amber who supported a second community get together.

Mai’a and I toured together!! We went to Chicago for the zine fair, book reading, and did a zine workshop with Karen Su.

Then we went to LA. We met the Chicana Motherwork Collective and went on their pod cast. We were on a panel at a packed energetic event (one of my top faves of the year!) that AF3IRM put together. We met Panquetzani of Ancestral Womb Healing and read at the orange county anarchist bookfair. LA was amazing! We ended it with a very warm Revolutionary Mother’s Day affirmations to each other at Fabiola’s house.

Sometimes, I found the subject matter, as an empty nest single mom – hard. It pulled me back to a lot of pain. I couldn’t express it well. But at the same time, it taught me so much about revolution and liberation. I was grateful to be pulled back to mothering, to be created anew as well as co-mothering this collection. So when Maia and I met again at the Allied Media Conference (we almost didn’t get there.  I couldn’t afford it – but Robin/Kidz Track got me funding.) I felt a lot of closure. It was really good to present with TK Tunchez (not in photo as she was busy w/ Las Ofrendas) and Autumn to finish this leg of the journey/ first segment of touring.

We also did a zine workshop. All this time, we had been doing a combination of different ways to present the subject matter, from intimate groups to conference panels.

*     *      *

In the fall, I did the Texas Sirenas tour. wow. shout out to support from my mom and my friend andy who drove, or this wouldn’t have happened in this way — but another way— cuz I was determined. I wanted to see Noemi! I wanted to see Layne! I wanted to see members of Mamas of Color Rising, cuz they were a big inspiration mai’a to start her zine to start this book, and everything circles back. we all inspire each other so much. we all remind each other of what we mean.

that was a big tour. a big adventure. I wish I could document it better. I wish so many things. but here you go. to share with you some of the beautiful people I met. the beautiful events where folks got together, that energy and discussion. I’m proud of us. the moments no one sees. The legacy we hand down. revolutionary mothering forever. it would be impossible to really shout out all the connections forged this year. Three co-editors are good. The biggest thanks to Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Mai’a Williams for taking me along on this journey. And now our book is out there, on its own, our child grows and lives without us tending to it 🙂 and we go on into a new year. Its been such a hard year, 2016, and so many deaths. But for revolutionary mothering, for this book, it was a good year. And a book is not enough. but maybe many stories, many gatherings, many creations, many pages, many steps, may take us places yet unimagined. Its been an honor to be a co-editor of this collection and to have such warm welcome. So thank you to everyone who made this possible in 2016.

p.s. in fact there are so many things and photos that were highlights, I MIGHT, I just might, go on adding them below. (Or coming back and adding more in) It was a big year. And these are just mine, one of the co-editors end of year journal. If you have photos you would like to add, let me know. Maybe we can do a second photo montage. Most of all thank you to the book contributors and many community members whose stories make this all possible. There is a lot I missed including! One blog entry just isn’t enough. But its the end of the first day of the new year. And I better get to it! Onwards ❤


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