So excited to have this beautiful poster designed by Noemi Martinez and to be setting off for tour soon. Wish us luck! I will be driving with a friend to read with Texas contributors: Layne Russell (The Clothesline); Noemi Martinez (This is What Radical Mamihood Looks Like); Mamas of Color Rising (Collective Poem on Mothering); tk karakashian tunchez (Telling Our Truths to Live: A Manifesta) who will be tabling w/ her beautiful Las Ofrendas wares; and on the way, there and back, I will meet and read with Free Hearts (a group of primarily formerly incarcerated women and mothers in support of incarcerated mothers and their families); newly formed Memphis Advocates for Radical Childcare (MARCH); and reading w/ zine friend Mariah Boone (Lone Star Mama) and Stacey-Marie (Phases of the Moon). Hope to see you and thank you for your support. love, china


Sirenas ~ Southwest Tour, Oct.14-Nov.2

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