TK:Telling Our Truths to Live

Untitled-17“In telling this, I am bearing witness to mama-love, to days spent behind books and hands wrapped tight on steering wheels while the sun burns down, building worry filled pockets on foreheads cuz you can’t afford to pay the late fee at the childcare and your professor won’t let you leave that class early and the electricity got shut off because your student loans ran our and you got just enough money to afford some gas to get to class today but not enough for heat this month. I am bearing witness to the joy that comes from finally telling our truths…”

-tk karakashian tunchez “Telling Our Truths to Live: A Manifesta” in Revolutionary Mothering Love on the Front Lines

Today we are celebrating the day that Revolutionary Mothering author tk karakashian tunchez gave birth to her brilliant daughter and collaborator and all the mama-love that has happened since! Join us in celebrating and check out this short video that tk made when she came to Durham as part of the New Mythos tour (check out the video to see how I talked her ear off.) We can’t wait to bring the Revolutionary Mothering tour to Texas!

Thank you all for your love and support!   You can donate here:


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