Watch Our Third Kitchen Table Chat: China Martens and Generating the Future

Yesterday despite persistent participation glitches by Mercury and also what we can only explain as Google’s panic whenever we get to the most revolutionary part of the conversation, China and I were able to talk about the layers of her work in mothering, publishing, editing, childcare organizing and more.  Check out our conversation in these two youtube videos.

One thing we said (only to each other after we were cut off it turns out) is that we would love to continue this conversation about Revolutionary Mothering with YOU and we are getting ready to start planning our 2016 tour, so if you want us to come to your community, conference, organization or school….please let us know!!!!

Also, we had really hoped to have a Q and A at the end, but we got cut off.  If you DO have questions please do leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP!!!!